At AVAVA.TV we help video publishers and networks increase consumption by turning their web and mobile video platforms into a personalized playback experience for every viewer.


Our core product, Auto Stream™, delivers relevant content in an interactive television-like experience, personalized to each viewer’s taste. As a result, video publishers and content owners are able to increase video consumption, engagement, and retention. You can watchs hundreds of channels for free on any platform at AVAVA.TV . Have fun!

Watch 500+ TV CHANNELS handmade for the Internet, for free on any device, anywhere, anytime with AVAVA

Watch familiar favorites channes like sports, music, news, comedy, drama or try Personal TV exclusive channels based on your preferences, likes and even dis-likes with our anti-channel.

automated channel curation

You can create 100+ channels quickly and easily. Our automation system gathers and updates content every 5mins so you channel will literally stream to infinity.

A TV channel as colorful as you

Our algorithms expertly analyze your media consumption and automatically adjusts and updates you channel with personalized content


This is not another do-it-yourself video channel builder. AVAVA harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to takes all the contentyou like and automatically shapes them into a custom TV channel unique to you.

unlimited tv channels

programming controls

Our Business Rules Engine enables you to programmatically control the viewing experience of your audience in real-time. This includes delivering more ads, cutting into the channel with live breaking news, some special event or engagement.

AVAVA is configurable to meet your goals, ensuring you always deliver the right video to the right viewer at the right time.

seemless integration

AVAVA has been architected to integrate seemlessly onto any platform. This means you can quickly delpoy news products on virtaullty any platform with easy. AVAVA works on all browsers, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast,Xbox and the Playstation.

AVAVA allows you to create personalized content based on individual usage and consumption, and in addition platform specific customization is available.

artifical intelligence

Our video channel algorythms automatically adapt vidoe channel content based on a wide variety of criteria, including: content similarity, most recent content, most liked and other trending or scocial network information.

Our AI video system keeps users engaged longer, increases views and delivers personalizes ads based on user consumption patterms and their preferences.

infinitE video possibilities

AVAVA makes it east to aggregeate the most watched content into one channel experience down to creating topic niche channels purpose build for each individual consumer.

You can create a new channel on AVAVA in 30 seconds to meet the immediate demands of the audience.